Everbest Organics

Call now for Edible Bean Contracts: (989) 659-2599

Well Spring is here! Warmer weather must be around the corner and with it will come planting season.  We would like to take this time to inform our growers and potential growers that contracting for 2018 is mostly complete.  We do still have some Organic Soybean, Great Northern and White Kidney Bean Contracts available if anyone is interested.  Please feel free to call the office at 989-659-2599 and ask for Steve Bohn (cell: 989-395-3483) or Kris Ewald (cell: 989-395-8154), they can help with any questions you may have.  

Just as a reminder we have requirements that must be met prior to delivery of your crops here to Everbest Organics, we also have specific paperwork required to accompany each load.  Certification and paperwork questions can be directed to Kris at kris@everbestorganics.com and she will be happy to help.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.   May the sun and rains be with you during this upcoming planting season.  Be safe and Happy Planting!!!!!